Coping with Caregiver Criticism

Taking a break without worrying about your elderly loved one is very important. Getting a medical alert device can help with giving you peace of mind.

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This cartoon about Noah’s Ark Complaints Department was on Pinterest and it made us think about caregivers who move heaven and earth to keep everyone afloat… and all they get for their efforts is a lot of hemmin’ and hawin’.

So often, we hear family members say things like:

“I try so hard to make Dad happy, but nothing I do is ever good enough.”

“Mom has always been so sweet-natured, but now all she does is complain.”

Most of the time, caregivers realize that they can’t take all the criticism personally – relying so heavily on a loved one can be difficult for anyone. When Alzheimer’s and/or other illnesses are added to the mix, it can become normal for a senior to lash out or grow resentful. Still, it’s hard for even the most even-keeled among us to not get worn down by a constant stream of negative feedback.

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