Exercise Indoors

Did you know, seniors over the age of 60 may increase their life expectancy by staying physically active and exercising regularly[1]? Plus, by creating a workout that includes exercises to build endurance, strength and balance, seniors can help reduce the risk of falling and lower the chances of developing arthritis and chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes1. Unfortunately, the change in seasons can put a damper on your outdoor exercise routine, but instead of skipping it all together, just revamp it by getting creative indoors!

Exercising indoors can be a great solution to get your sweat on while the cold, blustery winter days stay outside. However, while you may be doing your body some good by working out, you could be at risk of a life threatening accident if you’re not protected properly during your work out. To ensure you get the best in personal protection while you stretch, lunge and bounce, get Life Alert Protection. You can wear their lightweight, waterproof emergency pendant around your neck or wrist while you work out and in the event of a life threatening emergency, simply push the button on your pendant and you will receive an emergency medical response fast! No matter if you’re lifting weights in the morning or doing squats in the evening, Life Alert is available 24/7! So get your sweat on with the best in personal protection, Life Alert Protection!

Life Alert offers various protection packages that can suit anyone’s lifestyle so your daily routine doesn’t have to be routine. Unless major changes in the weather occur and force you to change your exercise routine.  If inclement weather has you benched from your own game here are several exercises aging seniors can do indoors.2

  1. Knee bends. Stand in a vertical position with feet slightly apart, and hands on hips. Bend knees comfortably, then return to standing. Repeat this five times. You can build up to 20 repetitions over several weeks.
  2. Arm rotations. With arms stretched out to the side, and level with shoulder, feet slightly apart, rotate arms, forward in circular motion. Then rotate, the other way in circular motion. Repeat each way five times. Build up to 20 repetitions, each way in several weeks.
  3. Hip whirl. With arms on hips, and knees slightly bent, and apart, move hips around, side, front, other side, back, return, five times. Then do this, five times the other direction. Build up to 20 repetitions each direction over several weeks.
  4. Wall push-ups. Face an uncluttered wall, palms leaning flat on the wall, and with arms stretched out, straight in front. Bend at the elbows, and lean in towards the wall, comfortably as possible. Return to straightened arms. Repeat five times. Build up to 20 times over several weeks.
  5. Lean back against the wall in sitting position, without chair. Leaning against the wall, slide down until you are in a sitting position, with knees bent. Hold for the count of 20 if possible, and then stand up.
  6. Walk in place. With hands on hips, walk in place, raising one leg comfortably, at a time. Do this for a count of ten. Build up to a count of 40 over time.

So if Old Man Winter has you staying indoors don’t sacrifice your health or your exercise routine! Adopt an easy to use in-house exercise route and wear Life Alert Protection’s emergency pendant, you can stretch, lift and walk with complete confidence. If you find yourself on the floor yelling “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” after your workout, just push the button on your pendant and you’ll receive an emergency medical response fast, 24/7! Stay in shape with the best in personal protection this winter with Life Alert Protection!

To exercise all your life saving options with Life Alert, call 1-800-513-2934 for a FREE Brochure.

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