Holiday Catwalk

High fashion is not just for the super models in Milan; the holidays are the perfect time for aging seniors to have fun with fashion! Whether you’re headed to a black-tie Christmas gala or a New Year’s Eve bash, the options for senior fashion are endless and fun too! So put away those ugly Christmas sweaters and bust out the clothes from the special spot in your closet.

Did you know that you can get the best in personal protection this holiday season without having to sacrifice your style? Life Alert’s medical alert pendant is so lightweight and small that it can be worn discreetly under your clothing. Better yet, should you encounter a life threatening emergency, such as a home fire, home invasion or serious fall; you can summon an emergency medical response fast with one touch of a button! Plus, with over 25 years of experience in the emergency medical alert industry, Life Alert knows that accidents don’t keep track of business hours; they can happen at any time and that is why Life Alert is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be a trendsetter this holiday season with the hottest new item; Life Alert Protection! So now you need to find just the right stylish outfits to go with your new lifesaving accessory. So, move over Victoria’s Secret models, the seniors are rocking this holiday’s hottest new look and, thanks to Love to Know[1], you can too!

Black Tie Worthy

If you are headed to a black tie party, you will want to choose something elegant yet easy to wear. A simple black skirt in a longer length and a fancy white blouse always looks great no matter what your age.

Warm and Cozy

The holiday season is the ideal time to wear warm and cozy fashions. A stylish senior can pair a warm and cozy hat set with her favorite sweater and be ready for a day of Christmas shopping or visiting with friends.

Fun Fashions

Just because you are getting older does not mean you can’t have fun with clothing, and there is no better time to have some fun with your fashions than the holiday season. Seniors can wear a quirky sweater with a Christmas motif or a snowflake design to add a fun touch to what they are wearing.

Classics With a Twist

Like many seniors, you most likely have classic pieces in your winter wardrobe. You can take the plain, white top and black slacks to another level by adding a scarf in the latest color and style of the season.

Add Some Warmth

The holiday season is often reason enough to be invitedseniors-at-dinner-party-april-8-300x199 to a function with friends. Whether it is luncheon at a restaurant or a gathering over a friend’s house, you will want to be comfortable in the setting. Since temperatures can be unpredictable and many seniors tend to get chilled, it is best to be prepared and have a piece with you that can provide you with extra warmth when you need it.

Functional Fashions

Finding items that serve more than one function is always a great idea, especially if you’re on a fixed income budget. A cardigan sweater can be worn as a layer over a dress for a holiday party or as a stylish top for a lunch with friends.

Stylish Coordinates

If you are hosting a holiday dinner in your home, aim for comfort and ease. To make it simple but still stylish, a senior can go for a monochromatic look and wear the same exact color from top to bottom or purchase pieces that are made to go together.

When walking the holiday catwalk, you should consider your personal style and what type of clothing makes you feel good. Have fun this winter season and look good while you’re doing it! Aging doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish; in fact, you can be a trendsetter! And what better way to start than with a safety trend with Life Alert’s emergency pendant. Worn under your clothing, this lightweight and completely discreet pendant can provide you with the best in personal protection. No matter what holiday emergency you may face, simply push the button on your pendant and receive an emergency medical response fast! Fashion is 24/7 and so is Life Alert’s service! So grab your pendant and show your friends and family that safety is what is in! To know more about all the fashionable lifesaving services Life Alert offers for the home and while on the go, call 1-800-513-2934 for a FREE brochure.

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How to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

Between traveling, social engagements, guests, shopping for gifts and so much more, the holiday season can be seriously overwhelming. What you may not know is that your aging loved one or parent could be suffering from additional stresses and even seasonal depression. Luckily, you can help make this season a happy and stress free one, for everyone, with just a few simple strategies!

The holiday season can feel lonely for someone who is living independently, but this year you can give your loved one a gift that will last them a lifetime and make them not feel so alone. Life Alert Protection is the perfect solution for the aging loved one in your life who deChristmasFunChecklistmands their independence, but still requires full personal protection. In the event of a life threatening emergency, your loved one can summon emergency medical response fast with one touch of a button. Life Alert’s emergency pendant is worn around one’s neck or wrist and is lightweight and waterproof, which means they can remain protected 24/7, even while in the shower – where most stressful accidents occur.
Moreover, you can eliminate your own personal stress over the safety of elderly relatives with Life Alert and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that they are protected. Keeping your elders safe is but a button push away, however having them be stress-free with all the holiday activities may be another issue. Joy should be had by all this holiday season and She Knows.com1 can help you and your aging loved one do just that!

1. Set Realistic Goals.
We know visiting family and friends is always on the to-do list during the holiday season, but traveling and meeting with people all day can be physically and mentally exhausting. Make sure to schedule ample rest time throughout and allow for plenty of transportation time in between visits so that there’s no rushing around to see last-minute guests.

2. Keep Set Schedules.
If your senior parent or friend is used to waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time and going to bed at a certain time, make sure to respect those schedules. Staying up later to accommodate family visits or having to eat later in the evening because of a difference in meal times can be difficult and stressful for a senior to acclimate to, so make sure you know beforehand what their schedule is like.

3. Keep Expenses to a Minimum.
Many seniors are on fixed incomes, so keeping costs low can help ease any financial stress associated with the holidays. Travel, gifts and food can all start to take their toll on the checkbook, so make sure to create a realistic budget and stick to it.

4. Plan Appropriate Activities.
A six-hour shopping trip may not be the best idea for a senior who has difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. If these types of activities are unavoidable, make sure that a walker or wheelchair is available to make activities easier and more comfortable.

5. Keep Friends or Family Around.
Along with the fun and happy aspects of the holidays comes sadness for many seniors – especially those who’ve lost loved ones. Be sure to not isolate yourself or your elderly companion. There are always churches and other civic organizations that offer holiday parties and gatherings, or volunteering at a local organization to stay social during the holidays.
The holidays are a time to come together, share joy and let go of all your stresses. Focus on being with your whole family this year and find comfort in knowing that even when you’re not together, Life Alert will keep your aging loved one safe and protected. Life Alert’s medical alert can help them get help fast with one touch of a button! Sing “Old Lang Syne” to senior care and “Hello My Baby” to 24/7 personal protection and have a happy, stress free, holiday with Life Alert Protection! To learn more about all of Life Alert’s stress-free services you can sing about call 1-800-513-2934 for a Free Brochure.

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