How to Get Happy

It doesn’t take much time on Earth to realize that life is full of ups and many downs. Heartaches, heartbreaks, hurdles, obstacles, battles; sometimes the negativity can be overwhelming, so much so that it spills over into our happiness. Being stuck in a state of unhappiness is unhealthy for your body, mind and soul which is why it is important to learn how to get out of your funk and how to get happy ASAP!dog

If you are an aging senior, being reliant on others can be a real downer. Sacrificing your independent living for senior care can put a dark cloud over everyday life, but there may blues skies ahead – so get happy and regain your independence with Life Alert Protection! Simply wear their emergency pendant around your neck or wrist and in the event of a life threatening emergency push the button on your pendant and summon an emergency medical response fast. Life Alert’s is available 24/7, not only offering you personal protection, but the ability to pursue happiness all year round.

Having Life Alert gives peace of mind, which leads to happiness. However, if you’re willing to take being happy further, you can take action with these simple steps provided by what Kelly Benamati recommends in her article, “Three Steps to Being a Happier Person.”[1]

1. Eliminate Toxic People

Benamati asks, have you ever noticed how some people just zap your energy or constantly make you feel less than and spew all of their negativity into your once happy life. When these sort of karmic occurrences become a habit, we ultimately feel horrible about ourselves, we attract the wrong people into our life and we even experience health problems and unnecessary added stress that causes us to feel anxious, not in control or ourselves and downright awful some days. What can we do about it? According to Benamati, if the toxic people are your family members, love them from afar. No one ever said you have to converse with people who constantly bring you down and don’t support you or your journey. There is no doubt that you will end up being toxic if you hang out with toxic people. We become like the few individuals we surround ourselves with. The Law of Attraction plays a role in who we choose to be because people greatly influence our lives and decision-making skills. By eliminating others that are toxic, allows growth for those that are not. Your mind will be more at ease, your overall health and wellness become more stabilized and you start to feel happier because the people who were bringing you down are gone from your life.

2. Forgive Others and Choose Happiness

Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself. We don’t forgive others in hopes that it makes them feel better. We always forgive so we can move on with our lives and won’t be toxic towards others because we don’t carry unresolved emotional issues with us. In the forgiveness process, we learn to get rid of feelings and emotions that weigh us down and tarnish our auroras. When we walk around full of gray matter then we will attract that into our life. I also want to encourage you to remember that choosing to be happy is a choice we make, no matter what our situations look or feel like. We can learn to condition ourselves to “fake it until we make it.” We are not living a façade, but actually changing our mindset and brain chemistry to believe that we really are happy, even when we experience feelings of anger, sadness or frustration. We can turn our frowns upside down and literally change our whole day just by choosing not to allow anyone or anything to cloud our minds with negativity. When you wake up every day, choose to create — what Benamati calls, “mindful manifestations” and what you think about on a daily basis will eventually become your reality. We really do create self-fulfilling prophecies, so be careful what you feed your mind because it is listening and writing the code of what you will live.

3. Learning To Love Yourself

Loving yourself is also a huge gift to you as well as the other people in your life and those that you serve. The article goes on to mention that taking time out of your day to nourish your soul and feed it clean healthy food is recommended as well as plenty of rest and hydration for optimal vibrancy. When you listen to music that is soothing and exercise — your body responds accordingly. Remember to journal any unresolved feelings and take and inventory each evening to see what areas you need to improve on. Surround yourself with healthy, happy, empowering individuals that will love you unconditionally. Choose a career that makes you happy and doesn’t drain you. Keep in regular contact with people that you call friends. Eliminate excess alcohol and tobacco use as those things add unnecessary carcinogens to your body. Eliminate as many environmental toxins as possible by purchasing all natural products

In conclusion, often times we let life pass us by without living it to its fullest; have no regrets and never sacrifice your independent living thanks to Life Alert Protection. Personal protection has never been easier thanks to Life Alert’s emergency pendant. Simply slip their pendant around your neck or wrist and in the event of a home invasion, home fire or even a serious fall, push the button on your pendant and summon an emergency medical response fast! Plus, nothing says happiness like 24/7 service which is what Life Alert’s dispatch team offers; 24/7 personal protection at your fingertips! You only live once, so live happily ever after with Life Alert Protection. For a free brochure on all of Life Alert’s lifesaving services, call 1-800-513-2934.

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